Last Sunday was great.  Thanks to everyone who played and came out for our rock music party.

Tomorrow, February 16th.  At Hole in the Wall.  Doors at 3.  The second week of Sunday afternoon shows I’m doing there…  the bill tomorrow is populated with some beautiful friends of mine old and new who play unique and amazing stripped-down no-bullshit stuff,  funky/folky/freaky and this one strikes me as the kind of bill you would not be likely to see anywhere but in this town here.

First up at 4pm sharp I play with the able backing of my band The Sensations.  There have been some lineup changes since this video but we still play these tunes in the set….


Then at 5pm, The Hard Pans.  Two former members of The Gourds’ new band.  They have a killer record coming out in a couple of months.  I’ve heard it and seriously it’s great. Here is some vid of their first-ever gig.


6pm, Eat the Taco.  I love trios.  This trio is crazy.   There’s a little Minutemen in there along with a bunch of other colors but they manage to be both aggressive and strangely cuddly at the same time.  It’s fun!  It’s erudite!  It’s Eat the Taco and I love to see them play.


7pm,  Ethan Azarian w/Jeff Johnston.  Ethan’s work both musical and visual has been a huge inspiration to me over the years, and it’s great shit.  He’s an old friend as is Jeff, and both of these guys are doing great work in their various projects.   You won’t hear songs like this anywhere but from this guy.  It’s totally unique and Jeff is a mofo on the saw.


3pm doors, 4pm show, 5 bucks cover.  Beautiful day.  Patio.  Come on out yall


Hey everybody.  I’m doing a Sunday afternoon residency at Hole in the Wall starting on the second Sunday of February (2/9) and going through the first Sunday of March (3/2).  I’ll be playing in some form at 4pm for these shows, followed by a diverse and badass array of some of my very favorite bands in Austin.  Five bucks, doors at 3pm, shows start at 4… week one looks like this –






7pm   CUE

So hey yeah, come on out to the shows!! Sunday afternoons!! Hole in the Wall!!

upcoming shows

It has been a while since I posted… a bunch of stuff coming up in the way of gigs – starting with this one, on Saturday night 1/25 at Spiderhouse Ballroom.  It’s a kind of song swap thing where I and a few other Austin songwriter types are going to play and apparently talk about writing songs.  Hopefully not too much talking, as that has never been my strong suit. But hey, I can get into the spirit of it I think. It’ll be fun, why not.  Mostly it’s cool to play a gig like this with some people I do not yet know and haven’t heard before.  I will try my level best not to put shame upon or otherwise pervert these proceedings.


On the rock front, The Bremen Riot are gonna be gettin’ real busy burning it down the next couple of months, so come out and catch a show!   Our record “PM Magazine” is available at Waterloo Records and End of an Ear Records in Austin, and also here.

I have what should be a real invigorating residency coming up at Hole in the Wall soon involving a shit ton of my favorite Austin TX musos, then of course comes the March Madness of SXSW – more info on my activities therein will be posted here soon. For now good friends DASVIDANIYA and thanks for wandering by the old pissin’ stump!

Here are my totally unsolicited hot-air film reviews for January 2014:

AMERICAN HUSTLE  pretty good.  lurid dePalma-esque 70s grifter pastiche. there were these weird, didactic voice-overs by the main characters that bummed me out.  awesome scene-chewing acting by actors.  to me it was nothing i felt that i hadn’t seen done way better before, but still i enjoyed it overall despite minor annoyances like those voice-overs. seemed kinda sloppy but it was fun.   I LIKED IT OKAY.

THE WOLF OF WALL STREET brilliantly cacophonous, sense-numbing, mixed-signal vomit-splatter with a point.  possibly misunderstood by some well-intentioned intellectual people hung up on constant immoral actions by characters in films. i find it hard to buy leo in roles like this for some reason, but whatever, it didn’t bug me that much.  this movie jerks you around in an interesting way.  typically impeccable cast, design, editing and the rest.  bloated, dynamic, ugly cinematic look into the mirror at foolish greedy stupid shortsighted americans.   I LIKED IT A LOT.

INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS  grim and desolate but also reservedly affectionate character study with little spikes of bittersweet humour and well-placed musical set pieces that serve the story pretty well. understated entry by the coen brothers. great cast.  i just had no problems with this flick at all.  admittedly i was predisposed to like it because of who made it and what it was about.  not for everyone maybe.   I LIKED IT A LOT.

HER   superficially weird, impeccably designed and in a way surprisingly conventional millenial-rich-people romance story, aside from the obvious and considerable wrinkle.  said wrinkle did provide a modicum of food for thought for me as i exited the theater and into that night, but this faded rather quickly after that. very interesting and often icky film.  i would recommend it.  I LIKED IT OKAY.

12 YEARS A SLAVE  totally brutal.  not a dry eye in the house.  very powerful.  great performances.  not a masterpiece of pure cinema maybe, but way definitely a well-produced, visceral piece of drama about some heavy important shit in our history. specifics were based on a true story apparently. it is a fresh retelling of a long and horrible travesty. hard to watch but really well done and valuable flick. probably the one of all these movies that has stayed with me the deepest since i saw it, that and the Coens’ movie.   I LIKED IT A LOT.