April stuff…

hey everybody… my monthly webcast The Gadfly Hour continues on April 11th at 7pm Central when my old friend and wicked-great musician and songwriter Max Johnston will join me for some pickin’ and singin’ at his pad in Dallas. The video above was shot for the Doug Hawes-Davis film “All the Labor”, a documentary about Max’s band The Gourds who went on an indefinite hiatus last year. The song Max sings in this clip is one of my faves from his years with that great band. He’s been a musician pretty much his whole life – from playing with his sister Michelle Shocked, and the fabulous Kentucky band Freakwater to his years as a member of Wilco and the aforementioned Gourds, to the awesome solo record “Dismantling Paradise” that he just put out this year. He’s a great dude and I’m super stoked that he agreed to sit down with me this month and play some tunes!

You can watch this show HERE - you just sign up and pay one dollar (or more if you want) and sit back and watch the show. there’s a chat function on there too so you can request songs or ask questions or just say hi if you feel so inclined. This will be episode #4 and so far these have been a ton of fun so stop on by, like the FB page, and tell your friends if you dig it. Check out Max’s new record too!

On the live front I have just one date booked at the moment – it’s Wednesday April 29th at Hole in the Wall in Austin. It’s a free, early solo show – Ethan Azarian & Jeff Johnston kick it off at 6pm and I play at 7.

I hope everybody’s Spring is smellin’ sweet.



Where’s The Door Guy?


Hi Folks.  This first installment of three-part CD/zine series is sold out for mail-order. I have a handful of copies left that I’ll have with me at my shows while they last, and I saved a few more for a year-end box set of the whole series. Thanks everybody for pickin’ it up, hope you like it.

The next installment is “A Line Cook’s Guide to New Satanic Empires” and it will come out sometime this summer. Like the first one it’ll be available in a limited edition of 100 copies, by mail-order and at my shows.