November Tour with THE JIMMY SMITH SYSTEM!

Well, it’s been a while since my last post. It’s been raining a lot. I’ve been working a lot. I’ve been enjoying hanging out with fellow record freaks at Rio Rita on Monday nights, spinning some vinyl and hanging out. I played a show on south Congress Avenue with my guitar plugged into the arm of a couch. Innumerable great rock bands I have had the pleasure to see while doing sound. I’m working on new songs, as I am most of the time it seems. They’re either babbling or bubbling. I have a few new ones I’d like to record and add to my recently long-in-production record so, as often happens with this stuff, my original target to have it out this Fall has now turned into an early-next-year kind of situation. This is a good thing. I want the music to be as righteous as possible. The working title of it is still A Line Cook’s Guide to New Satanic Empires. April seems likely.

In the new year I’m also hoping to fire up The Bremen Riot for another rodeo of rock.  And to get back to doing an occasional Gadfly Hour webcast too, in some form… thanks to everybody who tuned in to those in this past year. Taking a break, but I think I’ll do some more in 2016. Thank you Matt Caflisch, Brent Best, Bill Wise, Max Johnston & Dollar Bill Johnston, Ethan Azarian & Jeff Johnston, Sabrina Ellis and John Wesley Coleman. It was great to pick and sing on the internet with yuhs!

Tomorrow I’m hitting the road for my first tour in a while, including a couple dates with my Minnesotan friends The Bitter Spills. I’m travelling and playing these shows with my friend Jimmy Smith, for what we call The Jimmy Smith System with Mike Nicolai. I’m stoked for this run of shows. It’s a rock and roll duo. I play guitar and sing my tunes, Jimmy plays drums with his feet, and bass with his hands, and sings his tunes. I’ve known Jimmy for about 20 years now. We used to tour together a lot when he was in The Gourds. I was their opening act, merch guy and roadie for a few years back when. We’ve both written a lot of songs since then. It’s gonna be good to get out and play ‘em. Cooking up a few choice covers to sprinkle into the show. Midwest America here we come…

We hope to see you and that those of you who can make it out will find it most enjoyable. I’m doing a few solo sets in Austin coming up as well, those are listed along with the tour dates, HERE. Thanks for supporting real live independent music!  See y’all on the road!