Happy to announce that my 2003 album “Rooster Nudes” will inexplicably be reissued on vinyl later this year. I made this record in Minneapolis in ’02 with my friend Mike Wisti (“it strikes me that the piano part here is a little didactic”) producing at his Albatross studio. Mike was awesome to work with. He was very efficient. He has impeccable instincts musically and his personal grooming habits are second-to-none. He’s in the great Minneapolis band Rank Strangers, who this past year released a trilogy of really cool records on vinyl, which I highly recommend.

I was stoked and fortunate to have one of my musican heroes Slim Dunlap play guitar on a couple of songs. And my old bandmate Brien Lilja did amazing drum work and mandolin and accordion on it. I had several friends who defended the record publicly to the Austin Chronicle who hated it when it came out. I was really humbled by that show of solidarity at the time, and it still means a lot to me that they did that.

I’ll probably write some long-winded liner notes for this, replete with anecdotes of debatable relevance, because why the fuck not? – but for now I’ll just say this record holds a lot of memories for me, and I was surprised and touched when my friend Jason called and said he wanted to put it out on vinyl.¬†It can be strange to go back and revisit something you did a decade or more in the past, like an old photo album – This is who I was? What was happening?… and then put it out again.

I hope it holds up for whoever hears it now. Stay tuned for updates on a release date later this year!


A version of ZZ Top’s classic “(Got Me) Under Pressure”, recorded by an early line-up of Mike Nicolai & the Sensations. Dig it!



Hey everybody. I’m playing just one show during SXSW this year, doin’ the duo thing – The Jimmy Smith System and myself, ¬†pictured here at a show we did a the Nomad last month (thanks Davis for the gig and the cool photo!!). Come down and hang with us on Tuesday night March 15th, on a fantastic bill at Hole in the Wall. We go on in the front room at 10:45pm. A bunch of great acts playing this show which is brought to you by my favorite rock ‘n’ roll band in the world, Grand Champeen. Happy SXSW!