THE BREMEN RIOT @ Hole in the Wall, ATX Thursday 7/26

DSC_2800 - Version 2Another live-action-shot that our friend and great photographer Felicia Graham took at Hole in the Wall in Austin TX.  A different photo from this same show at the Hole is on the cover of our record PM Magazine.

June 2014 marks the 40th anniversary of the place, one of the longest-running live music venues in the city. It’s one of the only rock rooms left standing from when I first got to town. They’re putting on a slew of great shows this month to celebrate the club’s journey so far. We’re playing the night of Thursday, June 26th at 10pm, the second of four bands on a killer bill. Riverboat Gamblers headline, A Giant Dog goes on right after us, and BLXPTN starts the night off.

The Bremen Riot are delighted to be invited. Both myself and Grand Champeen – not to mention all the various other projects we have been involved in separately, and pretty much all our friends’ bands – have been performing and hearing music at this venue for much of the last two decades. It was the first Austin bar that I sat down and had a beer in, back in 1992. I saw Spoon do some of their earliest shows there, and bought their first 7″ from Britt Daniel after an awesome set in the half-full front room.

In those days The Hole was like a labratory where as a recent arrival to town I could mix up with people who would become some of my best friends and musical peers and heroes, and who remain so to this day.  It was a smaller, smokier, generally more disheveled place then. I remember Brooks bartending in the front room in the 90s, telling about the days when Townes Van Zandt and Blaze Foley used to hang out all morning and afternoon. Lotsa stories. Paul Minor’s legendary Sunday night Rock-n-Roll Free-for-All. Jennifer Milbauer’s “Unplug This” acoustic Monday shows. It was a time of great incubation, inspiration and inebriation.  Come to think of it, that’s pretty much still the deal in there.

Later both our bassist Alex and I worked at the Hole for years, as general manager and house audio engineer, respectively. So many memories. So happy that the place is still rocking and still independent. In this age of bottom-line-focused booking cabals programming small clubs all over the country, thereby homogenizing to some degree what gets exposed and heard, it’s a source of great inspiration to me that the music at Hole in the Wall is booked by Hole in the Wall. By musicians, and music freaks.

Come on down and celebrate their 40th with us and all the other bands this month. It’s gonna be a blast!! Also I may be doing a solo show or two while I’m in town. Stay tuned for an update on that. Here in St. Paul-land I am attempting to get my head together and working on some tunes, new full-length coming probably early 2015 if all goes well. Later, and Austin friends I’ll see y’around town!!



20140425_150933 (1)

Hi folks. Well, I moved. It was time. I did 14 years in Austin TX, on and off between ’94 and this April. I landed in St. Paul MN for reals about a week and a half ago.

I’ve been driving around today, looking at shit. Hustling work. In neighborhoods both familiar and foreign to me.  As I write this the sun’s going down and I am twisted into an odd, half-moon swirl of spidery dread, true excitement/new chance, bug-mind memory vomit, and essential confidence. Move…. forward forward and on to something with hooks and some heart.

I had a plate of migas w/cheese at Tamale House on my way out of Austin. It was the best one I ever had there. If that place ever closes, it’s over. I’m only half-joking with that typical, crusto opinion.

I want to thank  ”The Sensations”:  Rob Gaines, Marty Hobratschk, Geoff Lasch and Ben Howard, for cutting a bunch of tunes with me a few days before I left town, and for being in my band to begin with. Tasty licks. Rocksolid fiddlybits. Thanks Michael Crow for engineering the session. Most likely some of what we recorded will come out on my next record,  sometime this year or early next year. Thanks Rafael Rodriguez for this pic of us playing a gig a couple of Sundays back. That might have been the single best show we’ve ever done, note for note. Thanks everybody for playing and attending those Sunday Matinee gigs, they were a blast.


I am looking forward to kicking around in Austin a bit, a couple of months from now. The Bremen Riot are playing June 26th at Hole in the Wall.  More upcoming shows TBA.

Hey fans of my old pals The Gourds – check out the new album by the latest off-shoot of that band:  The Hard Pans.  It’s a terrific, kickass record.  And speaking of kickass records, look for the vinyl reissue of Grand Champeen‘s “The One That Brought You” coming soon.

Hello, St. Paul!!  See y’again soon, Austin!!