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Though the trek down I-35 wasn’t unfamiliar to him, Mike Nicolai moved from Minnesota to Austin in 1994 and embarked on the quest of making music under his own name. A residency at the late, lamented Electric Lounge and allegiance with upcoming notable locals the Gourds and Damnations along with a growing collection of clever songs gained Nicolai a small but fervent fan base, and by the time he released his self-titled debut in 1997, he’d come into his own as a songwriter. The LP and 1998’s Balloon Race EP showcased a dry and insightful lyrical style that, when matched against deceptively simple arrangements and deft blue-collar guitar playing, made Nicolai a vessel of much wondering in the world of Austin music.  2000’s Woody Allen Stunt Footage took that rep to the next level, trading off between rambling narratives and rock songs.  Rooster Nudes was far better than this paper’s 2003 review would have you believe. It takes a bit of effort to peel back the layers of both his writing and song structure, though his latest effort, God Fatigue in the Post Atom Age, is arguably his most accessible to date.

– Christopher Hess, Austin Chronicle



Mike Nicolai  CD  (Tramp Art Co.) 1997

Balloon Race EP  CD  (Tramp Art Co.)  1998

1997 Field Recordings split 7″ w/Baby Grant Johnson  1999

Woody Allen Stunt Footage  CD  (Garage D’or)  2000

Rooster Nudes  CD  2003

God Fatigue in the Post-Atom Age  CD  (SMA/Eclectone)  2005

Christmas is for Losers  CD  2006

Wreck of the Good Ship Lollipop  Live CD  2013

The Bremen Riot   PM Magazine   Vinyl, CD   2013

Exercises For the Wasted and Down EP   CD  2015



Unplug This  Austin TX comp CD 1997, song “The Green Lantern Needs Your Vote”

The Damnations  Half Mad Moon”  CD (Sire)  1998, wrote song “Catch You Alive”

Kev Russell’s Junker  “Buttermilk and Rifles”  CD (Sugar Hill)  backing vocals

The Gourds  “Blood of the Ram”  CD (Eleven Thirty)  2004, backing vocals

Low  “A Lifetime of Temporary Relief”  Boxed Set (Chairkicker’s)  voice in short film

The New Vintage (S/T) CD (Garage D’or) 2005, guitar, mandolin, backing vocals

Almost There Turn 3  Austin TX comp CD 2007, song “Eye Roller”

Almost There Turn 4  Austin TX comp CD 2008, song “Fumes”

Thank You Friends  Big Star tribute CD (Almost There) 2008, cover of song “Nighttime”

Minnesota Remembers Vic Chesnutt  CD 2011, cover of song “Iraq”

Leo Rondeau  Down at the End of the Bar   CD  backing vocals

Slim Town Singles  Download 2014, cover of song “Big Star Big” (The Bremen Riot)