Mike Nicolai + Grand Champeen (Channing Lewis- guitar/vocals, Alex Livingstone- bass/vocals, Michael Crow- guitar/vocals, Ned Stewart- drums) = The Bremen Riot.

photo by Felicia Graham

photo by Felicia



Lotsa shows comin’ up!!  Come out and hang with us!!  A couple of nice reviews here of our record from the folks at Babysue and Blurt magazines.  Thanks for listenin!!

The Bremen Riot – PM Magazine (Independently released vinyl LP, Pop/rock)
The Bremen Riot is the Austin, Texas-based band comprised of Michael Crow (guitar, vocals), Channing Lewis (guitar, vocals), Alex Livingstone (bass, vocals), Mike Nicolai(vocals), and Ned Stewart (drums). Nicolai is also a solo artist and the rest of the guys are in another band called Grand Champeen. These guys have a really cool and direct rockin’ sound that reminds us very much of very early recordings by Seattle, Washington’s Young Fresh Fellows. At a point in time when so many artists and bands are getting caught up in the glut of sound that technology breeds, the guys in The Bremen Riot have the good common sense to keep things simple. And of course all you really need are the basics…when you’ve got great songs. And great songs are what make PM Magazine such a killer spin. These songs are simple, fresh, and catchy as Hell. This is just the jolt we needed this month to remind us why we started writing about music in the first place. Exciting stuff here, played with enthusiasm and balls. Killer cuts include “Hey Joe!”, “Alibi Bros.”, “Keep Your Head,” and “Eyeroller.” We’ll be spinning this one into the ground this spring and summer… Top pick.


THE BREMEN RIOT – PM Magazine (self-released)

It’s no secret that here at BLURT we love Austin, and a slew of the Lone Star city’s bands definitely pass the smell test for us as well. Here’s another good ‘un: The Bremen Riot, which is a summit between Grand Champeen’s Channing Lewis (guitar/vocals), Alex Livingstone (bass/vocals), Michael Crow (guitar/vocals) and Ned Stewart (drums) and Minneapolis ex-pat Mike Nicolai, who’s been making the nature scene in Austin since the mid ‘90s, issuing a slew of records under his own name. With Nicolai’s assured, Ray Davies-like vocals at the fore, the band chugs lustily across a set of infectious power pop and high-energy garage/punk; images of vintage Rockpile and The Jam surface alongside the obvious Kinks connection, but the sound is still defiantly original.

Standout tracks include the galloping “Keep Your Head,” with its chorus echoes of the Beatles’ “She Loves You”; the Ramones-like “Ruthless” (wait for the raveup guitar solo, however); and the darkly brooding “How’s Your Lunch?” which is guaranteed to send sonic shivers down your spine. Pressed on pristine 180-gram vinyl, natch. Ladies and gents, meet The Bremen Riot, and book the next flight to Austin, pronto.




The Bremen Riot

PM Magazine


Texas Platters

Austin’s been blessedly free of supergroups since the reign of the ARC Angels, but that doesn’t mean a group of likeminded pals shouldn’t kick out a few jams. Longtime local fixtures, barroom bard Mike Nicolai and explosive rock quartet Grand Champeen found common ground in Midwestern power pop and created the Bremen Riot as an excuse to indulge. Champeen has long been obsessed with being the Austin version of Soul Asylum, but the infusion of former Minnesotan Nicolai and his everyman vox and songwriting pushes the rockin’ roll to new levels. Taming the beast without crushing its spirit, Nicolai focuses the blaze of “Ruthless” and “Silver Wall,” emphasizes the winsome pop of “How’s Your Lunch,” and adds jangle to “Keep Your Head” and “Easy, Joe!” Welcome sloppiness empowers the pub punk of “Scenes From a Hot Tub” and “Land of 1000 Dancing Pills” keeps faith with the Riot’s anarchic live presence.




“PM Magazine” now available for pre-order here.  Vinyl and CDs shipped on November 12th.  That day copies will also be available at Waterloo Records, End of an Ear and Trailer Space in Austin, TX.

Thursday 11/14 we rock at Holy Mountain on a great bill with Josh Berwanger (ex-Anniversary) and The Heavenly States.  We go on at midnight.  Official release party!!



Available Tuesday November 12th on vinyl, CD and digital download.  More info to follow!!



Music video for the song “Land of 1000 Dancing Pills” from our full-length record “PM Magazine” coming out next month.