• mike

Goin' Into the Garden

Bryan Axell took this pic at a show I played at the Turf Club in St. Paul the other night -- as with most of my very recent gigs, I was backed on this one by one of my favorite Minneapolis bands ever, Rank Strangers. I'm having a ball playing shows with them. They are bringing things out in my songs that I didn't know were there. We have even worked up some brand new material together. The dude on the left is Davin Odegaard. He and I first played music together around 1985. Playing in a band with him again is one of the things I'm really savoring on this current hitch in Minnesota. When we were kids Davin turned me on to so much awesome music. From Judas Priest to Warren Zevon and the Cars to the Minutemen. He still has great taste.

Thank you to Rich Mattson and the Northstars for having us on the bill. It was the release show for their new album "Totem". They were fantastic. Check 'em out!!

Rank Strangers and I are doing just a few more shows together this year, and it feels better every time. All our gigs will be listed on the Shows page here, come on out if you can and kick it with us! I should have some news soon on a vinyl reissue project, so stay tuned for that. Thanks again everybody for supporting independent rock and roll!!


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