This year I've had the chance to live out my long-standing dream of being a DJ.  There's an internet radio station being run out of Barely Brothers Records in St. Paul. It's called Barely Brothers Radio -  I do two different shows, on a rotating schedule.
One is a music show called The Gadfly Hour and the other one's more of a podcast-type thing where I talk to people on the phone about music and stuff, called Clown College. It's a blast spinning tunes and babbling about music, I love it.
You can click on the "Listen Now" button below to tune in. Or you can download the free Live365 app for Android or iPhone. There's also a Live365 Alexa skill, you just say "Alexa, play Barely Brothers Radio on Live365" and it will start playing.
You can find updates and schedule info on the station's Facebook page. Also - a link to an archive of my past shows to stream on demand is on the way... stay tuned for that soon! 

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